Fusion 3.0


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6 pack
13 oz. net wt./ 369 g


Lubricates moving parts, penetrates & frees rusted or frozen parts & inhibits rust and corrosion.

Product Features

    • Reduces friction and stops annoying squeaks on rollers, hinges, chains, bearings, wheels, bicycle & motorcycle chains, fishing equipment & more.
    • Penetrates and frees bolts, nuts, locks, engine parts, hinges, metal pipes, chains, and other hardware.
    • Leaves behind a proprietary blend of rust inhibitors.
    • Fusion 3.0 can be used on marine equipment, tools, industrial machinery, switches, relays, rollers, locks, guns, chrome surfaces and much more.

The 4 unique benefits of the NEW cap are:

    • Durability
    • A 360o swivel
    • Permanent straw
    • 2 methods of SPRAY: Fan Pattern & Pin Point accuracy


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